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Google as King of Search Engine

Posted in Google on January 11, 2008 by damongligaw

google_sm1.gif Research from Nielsen/NetRatings showed that in June, 2.67 billion web searches were carried out on Google: that’s nearly half of all searches.

The rest were:

Yahoo 1.24 billion (23%)

MSN (10.3%)

AOL (6.9%)

Google projects are both ambitious and remarkable. You can hardly think that Google can be ever beaten in the search engine battle. Google is the ruling giant. Not only in terms of size but in terms of quality of user web search experience.

But the search engine war is not over. Somewhere, somehow a new King will be victorious to over throne Google. On how it will happen, no one really knows.

Back in the year 1996, no one would think that Yahoo and AltaVista can be ever beaten in their business, except the founders of Google. After the Google success in very short time, hundreds of Larry Page and Sergey Brin were born and will challenge the good King Google.